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University of Tehran Science and Technology Park


University of Tehran Science and Technology Park (STP) was established on 14th March, 2006 to support university-industry collaboration resulting in technology-based economic development and advancing knowledge. UT Science and Technology Park aims to provide high value added services and financial support to make University of Tehran an entrepreneurial university.

STP provides services to colleges and faculties in order to turn ideas into products and generate wealth. The Park strives to the create a research environment in which students and professors can easily cooperate; at the same time it hopes to keep the entrepreneurial spirit alive among students and faculty members through establishment of offices a in faculties and colleges. The park plays a key role in the economic development through


  • Stimulating the flow of knowledge and technology between universities and companies
  • Promoting communication between companies, entrepreneurs and technicians
  • Providing environments that enhance innovation, creativity and quality
  • Focusing on companies and research institutions, entrepreneurs and ‘knowledge workers’
  • Facilitating creation of new businesses via incubation and spin-off mechanisms and accelerating the growth of small and medium size companies
  • Working in a global network of innovative companies and research institutions throughout the world
  • Facilitating internationalization of resident companies



  • Planning and supporting creation and development of UT spin offs
  • Acting as a gateway between industry and university
  • Facilitating creation and development of new technology-based companies
  • Promoting knowledge transfer from universities to companies



  • Lands and Buildings:
  • Site of Amirabad: 4.1 hectares
Gross Building Area (m2) Office Space (m2) Laboratory Space (m2) Public Space (m2) Other Spaces (m2)
Available 7500 3200 0 650 3650
Under construction 21800 14000 1800 2000 4000
  • Site of Enghelab: 0.2 hectares
Gross Building Area (m2) Office Space (m2) Laboratory Space (m2) Public Space (m2) Other Spaces (m2)
Available 1160 980 0 100 80
Under construction 7000 4900 0 500 1600
  • Site of Pounak: 75 hectares (under construction)



  • Business Consulting
  • Tax Exemption
  • Management Support Services
  • FinancialServices
  • Commercialization Support
  • ICT infrastructure

Supporting Centers:

  • Pre-Incubation
  • Incubation
  • Post Incubation
  • UT Research and Technology Fund

Supporting Programs:

  • Javaneh Program
  • Purpose: Learning and practicingthe fundamentalsof businessandindustry
  • Target Group: College Students
  • Output: Working teams who are familiar with business
  • Rouyesh program ( Pre-Incubation)
  • Purpose: Contribute to development and demonstrate the feasibility of the idea
  • Target Group: University studentswith technological and market-friendly ideas under supervision of faculty members (mentors).
  • Output: Proof of concept of ideas
  • Shokufaei program ( Pre-Incubation)
  • Purpose: Contribute to creation of the very first sample ofthe product/service and make the target ready to start a business (establish a company)
  • Target Group: University studentsand faculty members with technological and market-friendly ideas
  • Output: The very first sampleof the product/service,andknowledge-based spinn-offs.
  • Roshd (Incubation)
  • Purpose: Training and financially supporting start-ups to develop their products/services
  • Target Group: Start-ups with sample product/service for offering to the market
  • Output: Developed companies able to produce and sell the products and services
  • Pasa Roshd (Post Incubation)
  • Purpose: Support developed companies to improve their products, expand their market and consolidate their position in the market
  • Target Group: Developed companies with technological and market-friendly ideas
  • Output: Mature companies


  • Geosciences and petroleum industries
  • Information technology and Communication Sciences
  • Biotechnology and Biomedical Engineering
  • Mechanic, Optic, Electronic and Mechatronics
  • Civil Engineering and Building Science and Technology
  • Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials
  • Energy and Environment
  • Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources
  • Food and Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Aerospace

UTSTP in 2016

  • Number of resident companies
Pre-Incubation Incubation Post Incubation Anchor Companies
88 54 77 3


  • Number of products/services of the resident companies: 570
  • Companies turn over: 750.000US$
  • Number of employees in the companies: 1883
  • The percentage of knowledge workers employed in companies: 76%


Contact info

Address: University of Tehran Science and Technology Park, Farshi Moghadam Ave. North Karegar St. Tehran, Iran



Tel: +98 21 88 220700-3 Ext.142

Fax: +98 21 88220700-3 Ext. 9